Update 2: Utopian.io redesign - ideas/drafts

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Two weeks ago I posted the first drafts of ideas I started to work on for @Utopian-io, And today I'm showing you an updated version of the same drafts.

Here are some ideas/drafts we have been working on:


One major change in the homepage is focusing on discovery. The goal is to improve projects and contributions discovery by making it clearer for the user and at the same time giving more visibility to more projects and more contributions.

Project page

Since the projects will be the base of Utopian, we also needed a clear and easy way to display the project and all the related information like task requests, images, contributions, etc...)
The solution would organize all the basic information first and then, on the tabs below the gallery, we have the different types of information, such as contributions, updates, tasks requests etc...
Project page.png
Project page - Details.png
Project page -updates.png
Project page - task request.png

Create a project

The project creation is an important part of Utopian, for that reason, having an easy way to create projects and add rich content to them would help onboarding new users trying to use Utopian and, at the same time, help with growth. So the solution is to simplify the process with only 2/3 steps with a very visual wizard.
create a project.png

Search results

Rethinking the search results page allowed us to create a simpler and easier way for users to search and filters for specific projects and contributions.
search results.png

User Profile

The user profile we decided to maintain the same structure and the just reorganize the contributions and projects area to make it more user-friendly.

Thanks for your attention! Stay tuned because we have something really nice to show you in a couples days ;)

Who am I?

UX/UI designer based in Lisbon with 5 years of experience and a strong design background - User Experience design, Product design, Prototyping, UX Analysis, UX Audits, eCommerce, and Mobile Apps.

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it's a good looking design, don't forget to put in the github repository links too, since it's mandatory you know.

This looks great! I love a well-designed User Interface.

thanks @josephsavage check my new post if you are interested in see how the final design looks like ;)

Nice UI image shown. it's just pages shown, I can't see more of them. lets try to more clear body like little bit representative of design analyst, sorry it's just a little suggest from my perspective. thanks.

Thanks @jenara feedback is always good, could you explain me what you mean witby "design analyst"

Oh this looks great! Neat and straight to the point. I like it! From the looks of things, Utopian likes it as well :D I hope this makes it into production, this really deserves to be spotlighted. May I ask, what software did you use to create the mockups?

Thanks @jedau the software I use is https://www.sketchapp.com/

Ahh Sketch! I've used it in the past, but didn't come up with the same thing you did. Great to see that it's possible with it. Might have to revisit it again.

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Well-organized layouts! Great work!

i do ux / ui as well @nelsonm A lot of it with about 15 yrs in the field. I will add you and this is great stuff. what software are you using? looks like axure to me

As always a great job! Bravo @nelsonm!

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Great job. I like this ideas. User interface friendly design and easy to create a content

Thanks @acepungo I have a new post with a final design take a look if you are interested and tell what you think ;)

Hey @nelsonm I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


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thank you. useful information :)


That's awesome. Thanks for sharing your idea.

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