Icon/Logo DESIGN: "AirUnlock"

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This is a series of icon/logo designs for open source apps that, in my opinion, have a low quality icon or logotype, so I develop one completely new or start from the original idea, to end with a more professional design, in a proper vector .SVG format.

GitHub: https://github.com/pinetum/AirUnlock-for-Android

SVG files: https://goo.gl/31bNU4 (link to Dropbox public folder)

Final sample, 512x512, 192x192, 48x48:



Proof of Work:





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Please add me to a white list or something, I don't need this wall of text on my posts 3 times per day. Also, I don't want to flag you because the advice has sense, but you don't need to spam people this way.

Maybe you could consider this advice and stop using the short links.

Yes. But I don't want to "expose" the Dropbox link to the internet, a placebo I suppose. I will find an alternative way to share the files.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Hey @nehomar I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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