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How-to solve SPAM and Democratize Steem: Introducing UserAuthority

in utopian-io •  5 months ago

Here are my thoughts. I would call UA - > “Follower Weight”. To be in sync with “stake weight.”

Follower Weight is pretty difficult to implement (as are SMTs, so I’m not saying difficult things aren’t worth while, they certainly can be very worthwhile) as proposed and doesn’t really fit into SMTs + Oracles as proposed. Conceivably this concert fits with SMTs and there could eventually be function for SMTs + Follower Weight. However SMTs + Oracles for “Equal Opportunity Voting for Individuals” is aimed to solve the same goals of better curation that Follower Weight is theorized for. So we do have redundancy there and I have more confidence in the SMT Oracle system (and I disclaim the full paper is not published yet but there is an explanatory video available).

In all I have always really liked the idea of Follower Weight (I even had a name for a Folllower Weight system called Gleen but abandoned it). And now coming back to it I realize adding a Follower Weight to Individuality Oracles would be very interesting.

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Yes I code in Python (among other languages), but regarding Python I've published 25 episodes of my Learn Python Series on the Steem blockchain ;-) .


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I just did! ;-)