Introducing mcBOT v0.1 to steemit and discord community

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mcBOT is a Discord BOT which shows statistics of any steemit post. Its full name is mr. COUNTER BOT. Currently it shows this three information.

  • Total Words
  • Total Characters
  • Total Upvotes

When a user send any steemit post/article link to DISCORD channel or DM to mcBOT, The bot reply the statistics of total words, characters and upvotes. It will help the all the steemit community of discord. It will also help those community who arrange article writing contest.




  • NodeJS
  • DiscordJS Module
  • Request Module
  • Text Editor
  • Server


  • Open Terminal / CMD
  • Install NodeJS
    apt install nodejs
  • Install Git
    apt install git
  • Create Directory
    mkdir mcbot
  • Go to mcbot folder
    cd mcbot
  • Clone this repository
    git clone
  • Change the directory to bot directory.
    cd mcbot
  • Install modules from package json
    npm install
  • Or manually install all modules.
    • Install NodeJs Module
      npm install nodejs --save
    • Install DiscordJS Module
      npm install discord.js --save
    • Install Request Module
      npm install request --save


  • Open app.js with any text editor.
  • Edit The last line of app.js
    Uncomment this line
client.login("client secret");  

Write your client secret into the ""

Comment/Delete the last line.

Run the bot

Write down this code on terminal

node app.js

Now add your bot from discord developer.

Follow this guide if you want to deploy your bot from heroku server

app.js (all codes are well commented)


  • Sent any steemit Post link to your Discord chanel or DM to mcbot.
  • It will return your steemit post's
    • Total Words
    • Total Characters
    • Total Upvotes


Use mcBOT Bot without server

  • Invite mcBOT to your chanel by this link

Technology stack

I have used nodejs and discord.js for build this BOT. I have also used my own steemtools API to collect data. I have used request module for get data from API. I have used heroku for deploying this bot directly from github.


My future plan for this bot is adding more functions. Normally its a counter bot. It displays the total words, characters & upvotes. In future, I will add some more command to display this separately. I also want to bring This bot to steemit blog. When A user post in a specific categories, the bot replied with total words and characters. This bot can help the contest creators to counting total words.

  • Add More commands
  • Bring it in steemit Comment BOT

How to contribute

This is an open source DISCORD Bot. Anyone can contribute in this bot by simply fork in mcbot github repository.
Contributors may get reward for their contribution.


You can Donate me for this BOT
STEEMIT : @nawab69
Ether(ERC-20) : 0xc2c8e307c5c0f33eab27a95c7c2e029234732a9a

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Thank you for your contribution @nawab69 !

  1. I use this file to evaluate your work.
  2. Steem Posts URLs are not limited to and thus this message.content.startsWith("") could be refactored to a function e.g. isSteemURL(url)
  3. The varcould be replaced by either const or let.
  4. Your source code should have been formatted and properly indented.
  5. JSON.parse should be wrapped in try..catch in case of bad format data
  6. Currently, what the bot can do is very limited and I would personally think this could be better fit to a tutorial category if you polish the texts a little bit.

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Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!