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SteemCasino is the first place where you can play casino places online based on the Steem Blockchain. SteemCasino contain a game of CoinFlip section, BlackJack, Poker, Roulette, etc. You can see this game on their GitHub repo here. Project owner said that this game will launch on website on next month.

Benefits / Improvements

PO said he ask a logo that can be used as profile picture, fav.ico and logo on the website, and the logo will be used in the Navigation Bar and on Steemit too. So based on request, I created a simple logo that depicts the visual SteemCasino. The concept of the idea is simple, which is a poker chip icon that has the symbol "S" and "C" as a representation of SteemCasino, as well as the edges that add the logo Steem.

For information, this steem logo is free to copy, and can be used by anyone without their permission.

The Steem logo is licensed under Creative Commons CC0, meaning you’re free to copy, modify, or distribute (even for commercial purposes) without needing to ask permission or give attribution. (Steem Whitepaper) source






Proof of work


Logo Meaning


Color Variations

I recomend to using color 2 or color 3, because it follows the color of steem logo.



Safe Area


Icon Size


Dont do this!






I design this logo using CorelDRAW X7 and mockup using Photoshop CS6.


Color hex & font


This logo use Open Sans font, and this is free font.

Original files

  • All files (cdr, pdf, svg, png) here
  • Open Sans font here
  • Mockup template here


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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wow you have some really good graphic design skills I like how you incorporated the casino chip. please feel free to join my current Steemit #contest here

Give me some of those chips bro! :) Nice!

Thanks buddy! but unfortunately I cant play poker haha

Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

  • Any kind of text/font in vector file must be outlined/converted to shapes.

  • Poker chips concept/idea is overused, you can see we have been rejecting those kind of concept couple of days. we can tolerate it if you make a unique and stand out poker chip concept. only changing the pattern and place the SC in the middle doesn't bring any more uniqueness than those already approved poker chip concept

You can contact us on Discord.

Ahh always forget convert font to curve, sorry about that. -,-

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