New Icon/Logo Design for Odyssey Music Player

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The main focus of Odyssey is to create an music player that is optimized for speed (even with large music libraries). On the other hand the players is designed with the Material Design Guidelines in mind and we try to follow them as close as possible. It's main features are a fast music library (artist, album, file browser), and a basic playlist management functionality is also part of this player.

To be able to play audio books and podcast this player has a bookmark feature, that allows you to save your playlist and the playback position, to resume your audio book/podcast later.

Benefits / Improvements

I designed a simple minimalist logo that fits the main focus of this application, that is speed. And using basic color of the app, blue color.

  • Idea Concept


  • Logo Design


  • Logo Result

  • Logo / Color Version

Vertical Logo:


Horizontal Logo:


  • Save Zone Area


  • Icon Size


  • Mockup





I design logo using CorelDRAW X7 and mockup using Photoshop CS6.



This logo use Trench font, and this is free font.

Original files

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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The trench font is perfect keeping in view the word choice and i get the idea. The color choice is nice and i thinks it works wonderfully. But, may i offer that the trailing length may need increasing a little and being more chaotic might offer a more feel of speed. The current icon has more of a floating not dashing towards something feel. Which could be intended. I also get the space shipiness of the icon. Intended or not i noticed that is all. And it matches the overall feel. (:

Thanks for the suggestion, but I created the object behind the play button as an affirmation, with the image that it is a trace, indicates that it is very fast.

Ohh yes like instant displacement and fragmentation in space time sort of thing. (:
I understood that before. Just try increasing the length of smaller stream fragments at the end. Just a little. Maybe for the feel of it if its not too much work. Just a thought. Like i said, it is decent work and i probably wont even be able to draw an apple. Your skill is a gift.

You also need to provide the design in .svg (or pdf, eps) format.

Done, and I put into All Files gdrive folder to

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

I'm glad that you've read about project that you contributed. It would be better to get in touch with project owner since it's "Odyssey" has it's own meaning to him.
Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 00.54.20.png

You should add license information for your designs according to our new rules.

You can contact us on Discord.

Thank you for your information, license added. :)

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