Logo Design for Travel-It Task Request

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Response to Travel-It logo Task request from @iamankit.



Proof of work


Benefits / Improvements

Based on task request, I make a simple logo that represent on Travel-It, icon pin place that represent any location when you travel. And he also ask to make a logo with Steemit color, is it green color. And I also make another color version from Steem logo or Steemit old logo.


Color version



Icon size






I design this logo using CorelDRAW X7 and mockup using Photoshop CS6. And create Logotype using Quantify font. Then I replace "a" letter of Travel-It with logomark.


Original files


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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Thanks, Prof. ;)

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Sounds good, thank SF!

Ngeri saya lihat ranting akun abang

Udah kayak akun a whale

Ranting pohon apa ranting toge? 😄


Typo tadi

Rating apa reputasi? 😄

Sama aj perasaan

Bajunya doang yg keren ini, dalemnya kobong. Sp masi 100 😂

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