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Response to SteemSocial logo Task Request by @shoganaii. The main purpose of the app is to help promote Steemit posts to various social media channels such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.






Proof of work


Benefits / Improvements

  • Part shape of Steem logo, modify to people shape.
  • Visual of social (a collection of people who make up a network)

The concept of this logo is, that SteemSocial will collects many posts from people then distributes it to social media to help them. In accordance with the main purpose of this project is "to help promote SteemIt posts to various social media channels".

So I created a logo coming from the Steem logo part then I modified it into an avatar. This avatar has the meaning of "steemit user". Then this avatar I multiply to 12 parts which means that SteemSocial will help "many steemit user" to share their posts. And also I use the color scheme of the Steem logo as an affirmation of Steem Social.

Other Version


Color version




PO ask logo files must be 1024px, you can find it on the folder. The following picture is only a description of various sizes.


Safe area

Recomend space size when placing logo on media. So that it is not overwritten, attached to other designs when placed on the media, such as posters, banners, etc.






I design this logo using CorelDRAW X7 and mockup using Photoshop CS6. And create Logotype using Quantify font and Century Gothic for tagline font.


Original files


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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I just resteemed your post to my 31,000+ followers @a-0-0 :)

mantap bek tuo piyoh bak ata long beuh

Apa tuh artinya? Saya gak ngerti

Mantap kali lah bg,memang menang banyak lah,bisa jadi master steemian keren lah pokoknya👍👍👍

Mastaahh memang beda @naufal 😁😎😎
Ajarin saya suhuu 😊😊🙏🙏
Keren logonya ...😎

Thank you, di yutup banyak tutorialnya 😁

Si mastahh mahh gituu 😭😭
Nyesek stah 😔😔😂😂

Alay luh 😅

Mantap brade. Kepengen ikot jg. Good luck

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