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PHGold is local community in Philippines, it s a recently launched project of mine dedicated to showcasing and supporting talented individuals who support and produce content and material that helps spread awareness of Steemit in the Philippines. It is a registration and invite only sub-group of SteemPH which rewards members for their activity, contributions, and support of Steemit Philippines and it's members.


I made this logo from @cloh76 task request here. He said that wanted a logo for PHGold that symbolize the elite class. As we can see the current design is have a crown that represents royalty, the gold represents wealth, and the champagne represents class. All of these together represent the Elite. Therefore, I am overhauling these elements to make a logo that has a new concept, without removing the main elements of the logo. Here's the design I've made.



Proof of work


Logo meaning


The point is P, H, G letter that represent PHGold and a crown. This crown already represents all elements of the three elements of the elite class. The logic is, when you become a king, you have everything. And also gold color represent wealth.

Color variation



Save area

Recommend area space when placing logo on the media.


Icon size & variation


For avatar photo (steemit, discord, etc) I recomend to use transparent background png file. But I also attach logo for avatar that use background color as a second chance.






I design this logo using CorelDRAW X7 and mockup using Photoshop CS6. And also this logo use Century Gothic font for logotype, this is a default font on Windows. You can use it free.


Original files


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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Who would come teach me some corel drawing. I wanna learn. Can you help @naufal?

It will take a very long time, you can learn it self-taught through tutorials on Youtube. :)

I am awesome. Really nice art.

Thanks buddy

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I love the logo!

An honor is praised by you as the owner. Thank you. :)

Nice Concept. I Like It

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