suggestions to add new features to Browser.

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Browser is a nice browser that is light and easily assessable. I loads the pages quickly but i have some suggestions for the developers of this application.


Browser is a nice appliaction that i ise on regular basis for browsing. As i experienced it is a light browser and shows a little lag upon openning a site. My suggestions to the developers of this app is "add download tab" to the browser.

Mockups / Examples

This is my suggestion to this application browser as this feature is not present currently on this browser.

This is the screenshot of another browser which supports this feature.


This will be more usefull to the users as they can check the downloaded content at the same page without roaming in the file manager to look for the downloaded content and will be easily accessible to users.

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@naseerbhat, Contribution to open source project, I like you and upvote.

Please kindly merge this contribution with recent contribution same project, and also note that spreading contributions on same project is not allowed. Your contribution has been declined.

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