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I have been using browser for quit a long now and is a nice and handy internet browser for android smart phones. As a regular user i have some suggestions for the developers of this app.


The biggest disadvantage of this browser i think is there is no record of browsing history. As you see while browsing internet one do visit a lot of sites on internet and a record of that history is made so next time when you again want to visit that again you don't have remember or type whole of the website but just click on that site from your browsing history. I want the developers of this app to kindly include these features.

Mockups / Examples


  • This is the screenshot of the browser app.


  • This is what i suggest for this browser.


  • This is the screenshot of other app that had the same feature.


As i had already mentioned this will be a great relief to the users that they can see the track record of thier own history and next time when they had to visit again to that website they don't have to remember things but they jus need to click that website.

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