Suggestions For Esteem App Developers

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i am a user of esteem application in making posting on blog steemit. the application is very good and facilitate the users. but here I have little difficulty in evoking fhoto on this application.
Below I give an example


my suggestion for the future of esteem application can be developed tools to be able to reverse fhoto the results of uploads manually directly in the application.

Thank you for reading this post I hopefully useful.
Best regards @my451r

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Loen kalen lee keluhan dan keudala bak unggah phot melalui aplikasi esteem.. pahh that na kesempatan.. loen hamok aju.. dan di approve lee utopian... he hd


Hahahahah bereh nyan... menyo na ide hambo bebe itren aju... 😁😁

Bereh that nyan

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Saleum meuturi bang.. polbek bang beh


Saleum meuturi ciet.. loen dilhokseumawe..
Roneuh di pat asai @albertjester..
Jeut lon follow back


Lon dari kota juang bang...

Nice teman, sukses terus ya..
Semangat ✊ semangat ✊


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Memang nyoe bit ke kendala watee upload foto, kadang dilon ulei uyub meujan2.