Flyplan Creator For a Photogramethric Work

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Every pre-flight preparation has important because of flight costs. Photogrammethric model created millimetric calculations so if you made a mistake about it you have to do flight again. Photogrammethry engineers have to set parameters and do some calculations before the flight. For examle distance between strips, base height ratio etc. This flyplan creator made for calculations to needed informations in a photogrammethric work so if you planning to do a model using photogrammethry, you can do all of your calculations simply through the agency of this creator.
This creator gives you following informations about flight plan;

  • The length of the long side of the picture at the terrain
  • The length of the short side of the picture at the terrain
  • Image scale
  • Flight base length
  • Distance between strips
  • Number of images in a strip
  • Base height ratio
  • Number of strips
  • Exposure interval
  • The area covered in a residential site
  • Area covered by the model
  • Newly acquired stereoscopic field
  • Average flight height
  • Total number of images
  • Total flight time
    Thanks for reading.

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