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I wanted to develop a tool that would create a community album. Especially for Steemit communities using the same tag, Before I got usernames from Steem BlockChain, I wanted to do a few experiments with face.

But when I coding, a very cute album tool appeared before I came to Steemit ;)




  • Open with IDE
  • press F5
  • Input your Face ID (if you use ../NAME, you can find your id:
  • Wait for album of your ID neighbors;)


You can only see pictures of users who share images

Flexible options:

You can edit these lines for With Input
size of mini-images and number of users

#fcnum = raw_input(u"Number of faces: ")
#size = raw_input(u"Thumb size? ")
size = 60
fcnum = 74
if start =="": start = 4
if fcnum =="": fcnum = 6*15-1
if size =="": size = 60

for size of big-images and slide pixel

.row__inner:hover .tile:hover {
-webkit-transform: scale(4.5);
transform: scale(4.5);
.tile:hover ~ .tile {
-webkit-transform: scale(.92) translate3d(""" + bsli_x + u"""px, """ + bsli_y + u"""px, 0);
transform: scale(.92) translate3d(""" + bsli_x + u"""px, """ + bsli_y + u"""px, 0);

Yey! It's open source!

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

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@emrebeyler Thank you for your speed ;)

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