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We are use "Trending Page" a lot . But we are seeing same page often. I think there is a problem. "the problem of frequently listing the same topics" is more important than the "design of the page".

Elear reminded, there is a contest on this subject in discord channel. I wanted to be work in localhost but can't install 64bit or linux things nowadays. (docker, steem modul etc..) So..

I have a suggestion

Although not always true, "bigger" or "top" is better.

According to this idea, a slight change can be made in the design. May be like this:


or like this

But these about design of front page. We need Sorting Algorithm.

How should we calculate?

Although not always true, Who has received more votes in a short time, is better.

Here is the Speed formula
Speed = Rewarded SBD / Delta time

Delta time is
Delta time = Now time - Publish time

We can select the fast rising posts in this way. But some posts will always be on the trending page. We need to age them and get out of the trending page.

Decrease = Deltatime / MagicHour(12.0)
"Magic Hour" can adjust to the desired duration of stay

and final sorting formula:
Speed - Decrease

Let's think we have 4 posts

Post A: 12hour, 50$
Post B: 12hour, 100$
Post C: 24hour, 100$
Post D: 120hour, 50$

// decrease = deltatime/MagicHour(12.0)
Post A: 12hour,  50$ --  SBD/deltatime - decease = 4,16 - 1  = 3,16
Post B: 12hour,  100$ -- SBD/deltatime - decease = 8,33 - 1  = 7,33
Post C: 24hour,  100$ -- SBD/deltatime - decease = 4,16 - 2  = 2,16
Post D: 120hour, 50$ --  SBD/deltatime - decease = 0,41 - 10 = -9,6

and Yes!

Post A & Post B : same age but Post B is faster

Post A & Post D : same SBD but Post A is younger

Post A & Post C : same speed but Post A is fresher

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