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RE: SteemJ Dev Diary #2 (02.01.2018) - Increased code quality

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So.... how does one calculate available bandwidth... as I've been going negative/positive/negative/negative/more negative all morning with no trades and only one post.... if available bandwidth is too low, really don't want to do trading... way too easy get stuck with very bad positions that way, I'm doing that well enough all by myself without help.


So from what I've understood yesterday the available bandwidth depends on your SteemPower .. the more you have the heigher your bandwidth is.

You can manually check your bandwidth using tools like Steemd:

Or by using the

public List<ExtendedAccount> getAccounts(List<AccountName> accountNames)

method of SteemJ.

I've been logging getExtendedAccount().getAverageBandwidth() and getExtendedAccount().getAverageMarketBandwidth(), and there seems to be a formula needed with some other value unknown to me to figure our their relationship to determining available bandwidth.

(muksihs bandwidth limit exceeded. Please wait to transact or power up STEEM. this error message indicating that you should power up when you can't without bandwidth is annoying and frustrating)

This tutorial provided by @jfollas looks pretty good:

You may could create a GitHub issue for SteemJ and request this functionallity? Or even better - If you have the time provide it as a pull request if you implement it for your image library? =)

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