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Hi All ,

We know communication is very important thing in our time , maybe you know maybe not but in popular
application discord like a chat/voice app and you can communicate with your community friends online and you can make your server without any fee it's free

My suggestion is :

for find more followers twitter account offical https://twitter.com/utopian_io

How will be it :

we'll write make a bot and create #channel on offical discord utopian.io

for example :

I created one discord server and make webhook api and make a channel for twitter

when utopian account make a tweet or retweet anything it shows in this channel


Example of My work :

send a tweet on twitter :


make a webhook and connectted my twitter account :

the result is on the channel automatic shows


here is channel setting webhook


we need more support and find to more contribution & contributor user which one is not know utopian.io

Hopefully this suggestion will be great for everybody who is dont follow utopian account to show them and the community group work group unity will be higher with this notifications on discord


Author : @moorkedi

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@moorkedi beni çağırmıssın

yok reis ben değilim o :D

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zaman ıcınde sızın gıbı katkı saglayan acık kaynak kod uzmanları cogaldıkca topluluk dahada ılerı gıdıcek ve bır cazıbe merkezı halıne gelıcek...
nu aynı zamanda bır sınerjı olusturacagı ıcın dunya mız adına ve dogmamıs cocuklarımız adına yenı mırasların bırakıldıgı bır alan olucak utopian
tesekkurler mor kedi

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:D eywallah utopiş %3 çalışalım bizde ..

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