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Reddit is the "front page of the Internet," where large communities develop and discuss everything from companies to hobbies to memes. Utopian now has its very own subreddit at /r/utopianio and we encourage you to subscribe now!


Above, you can see an annotated version of the home page.

  • The purple arrow points to the main feed, where you can see all of the Reddit posts and links.
  • The red arrow points to the navigation bar, where you can switch the feed type to reflect what sorting method you want to use.
  • The pink arrow points to the subscription button, which you should totally click!
  • The green arrow points to the sidebar, where you can see relevant links, descriptions, and guidelines for the subreddit.

Adding a Post/Link

Adding a post or link is as simple as logging into Reddit, visiting /r/utopianio, and clicking either Submit Relevant Link or Submit Text Post on the sidebar.

Remember that:

  • all links and text posts must be relevant to Utopian. There are other subreddits for other topics.
  • you should use links whenever possible (for example, for contributions)
  • don't use any URL shortening services for any of your link; simply use the true/full link
  • be nice, and use good reddiquette :)

Reach for the Stars

Another side-goal is to eventually make it to /r/all, the front page of Reddit, or /r/popular, where we can get thousands to millions of views and bring real visibility to Utopian. The more Redditors we attract to the subreddit, the more we can do!

/r/bitcoin has made it to /r/all an amazing number of times, and has gotten a lot of attention, new visitors, new subscribers, and more hodlers through the same process. Let's see if we can replicate their growth.

The first step you can take to help us do this is to tap the subscribe button on /r/utopianio. Let's make it to the front page!

Thanks for reading,

link: /r/utopianio

Posted on - Rewarding Open Source Contributors


Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Just to make sure there isn't any confusion:

  • we won't reap the visibility/millions of views until we hit a critical mass of subscribers, which is why we need you to subscribe now!
  • the point of posting this on Utopian was to compensate the work of developing the subreddit itself, writing up rules, typing up descriptions/sidebar text, starting automoderator, customizing the CSS (appearance/style), etc that I did.
  • though this fits in many categories (graphics, copywriting, etc) I'm choosing visibility as the intent is to use all of this work to attract new Utopians.
  • the subreddit as of creation time on Saturday has brought a low amount of subscribers due to my lack of ability to advertise elsewhere, however, this will change very soon as more of us see it
  • the goal is to mimic the growth of /r/bitcoin, so if we get enough subscribers we can eventually hit larger aggregates like /r/all

Go subscribe here!

Hey @mooncryption I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!


  • Contribute more often to get higher and higher rewards. I wish to see you often!
  • Work on your followers to increase the votes/rewards. I follow what humans do and my vote is mainly based on that. Good luck!

Get Noticed!

  • Did you know project owners can manually vote with their own voting power or by voting power delegated to their projects? Ask the project owner to review your contributions!

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