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Utopian utilizes a connection to Github for many things, from creating task requests, to letting you manage your projects right from the Utopian interface.

However, there were a few bugs from before regarding the Github Connection APIs and UI, so I tackled them just now:

Slow Validation

After you first synced to Github, it would take many reloads or re-syncs before your repositories actually showed up in Github. For example, here's a screenshot of after syncing:

As you can see, it didn't recognize the Github Connection yet.

This is now fixed, and it will constantly check to see if Github is connected in order to maintain the connection and show the right response to the user.

Button UI

Here's a before v.s. after of the Button UI:


The text has been changed so it doesn't have the unnecessary h, and the button style has been revamped to make it more "clickable".

Coming soon to a Utopian near you!

These changes, along with many of the other "new design" changes I've contributed about, will be releasing in the next 1-2 days. Stay tuned! You'll know when you see them ;)

Thanks for reading,

proof of work: all branch commits

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