Steemit More Info Tutorial #1 [TR] — Steemit

Steemit More Info Tutorial #1 [TR]

in utopian-io •  last year

This is a Turkish video tutorial about Steemit more info project. Many Turkish user don't know English and this video tutorials will be help them.

Video topics:

  • What is Steemit more info?
  • How can i build it?
  • Which features will to add after SMI?
  • How can I see and use them?
  • How can find more detail about my curation and author reward?
  • How can I filtered my wallet history?

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Açıklayıcı post olmuş. Videoların devamını bekleriz.


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Tek kelimeyle mukemmel...

steemitle ilgili daha fazla bilgi süper

çok işime yaradı, super. teşekkür.

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  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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