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Allow any number of authors on a post for the Steem software. This would include fields for permissions & reward percentages.


This is a proposal to give the ability for authors of posts to give permission to other accounts to edit the posts and to split the rewards with co-authors.


  1. 3 professionals could contribute to one post. The specialist might get 60% of the rewards, the graphic designer gets 30% and the quality control gets 10%.

  2. A post could be for some contest where entrants must comment. A moderator could be chosen to help control the contest and they will receive a certain percentage of the author rewards.


This would allow for greater collaboration and improve the quality of the content on the Steem blockchain.

Posted on - Rewarding Open Source Contributors


Hmmmm...I don't think this idea is right for steemit. It's a really awesome idea, but steemit is a blog, and this idea isn't right for a blog. The more I think about it, this is an idea for a collaborative wiki where each update to a page gets paid for. Like a STEEM version of Wikipedia. Is there something like that already? If not, that would be a really great idea to flesh out. Wiki's run on steem. This way people can upvote specific contributions or just the entire page.

I get that more than one person can contribute on the information in a blog without being a blog writer as well, but that's a pretty slippery slope. Like if someone does data mining, then obviously that work should be rewarded. If someone defines the strategy or scope of work for a project, then they should be rewarded for that. The thing is that none of those belong in a blog, so trying to use a blog to reward people in that way is I think incorrect.

The problem being described sounds like we need more products.

  1. A wiki
  2. A project management site
  3. A data analysis site
  4. A photo gallery site

It's just incredible to me that people are posting so many photos to steemit, but there's no gallery. No flickr/500px/photobucket substitute where people can post their photos and have them voted on instead of it being blogged straight to steemit.

Or even a Jira/Confluence or github substitute written for steem. These are all ideal solutions to the problems we're having. Trying to retrofit steemit as anything, but a blog seems wrong.

A Wikipedia like Steemit (Wikisteemia) lol. That would be interesting. It would allow for forks on articles. Edits to an article could be downvoted and if that happens enough, then they would be hidden from a user. This type of system would work well for Git also. I'm not sure what they have out there in the project pipeline, but it would be nice to know about them if they exist yet.

Another dapp that seems to be missing from the steem ecosystem is one for fivers. I'd like to see a Fiver app in steem. I'd do Fiver's all day.

Good idea man. Resteeming this for more visibility

Wow great idea which follows in the spirit of Steem in that it is completely community based. STEEMipedia!!! There are so many times I think I have a great idea or topic, but am not expert enough to post on it. This would allow me to put out a basic idea with a minor outline and allow experts who've been waiting for the forum to comment on an issue to fill in all the details I missed. Then anyone interested in the topic can view, learn, even contribute. I'd call that a win-win-win-win (yep, count them lol). Once again, I love your vision @money-dreamer and I fully support you! I encourage others to do the same.

def deserves RESTEEM

I agree. Participation from authors followers can further increase the chances of this getting traction. Everyone needs to comment and simply say what is on their mind. This is a great platform to be heard and spread great thoughts and ideas. Upvoted by @cryptoryno33

Thank you @cryptoryno33. I still have so much to learn here, I still don't know exactly how it all works. I am learning daily however, and I try to follow, upvote, and reSTEEM anything which I think takes us in the right direction, such as yourself! lol I follow you now and looking forward to viewing your content.

Interesting idea! That way people can specialize in a specific area of the post and could collaborate with a lot of people. If someone is good enough he might be seeked to participate in a lot of projects. By the way, I need to learn how to post things in Utopian.

Exactly! There many areas to a post. I guess there would have to be some upper bound on contributers (maybe 10 max) so users don't add giant spam lists of contributors trying to game the reward system.

Go to the website and create a post:

They have changing guidelines on submissions, so click the contribute button to see them.

Wonderful idea. Content value and following potential can increase exponentially. Great idea. Upvoted and Resteemed by @cryptoryno33

Having more options is always a good idea. And personally if i had something really interesting to write i would def. need and pay someone part of rewards for grammar control and maybe even for graphics.

As long as we could each keep our own accounts separate. Otherwise, it's a great idea to improve posts. It sounds as though this is more of a thought than an idea at this point. I'll be watching and waiting :)

Thats actually a really interesting idea. Allowing the input of someone more qualified, or a trusted resource. That would be pretty cool.

It is possible to give permission to another account to modify your posts right now. For example, when I submitted this post to #utopian-io, I gave them permission to post to my account. They add the footer at the end of the post.

Oh, okay neat. I am still learning all of the advanced features of this platform. It seems that it can be as easy to use as you want, but has the ability to be very complex as well.

I really agree with your opinion, your post is very useful thanks to have shared a very useful paste.

@money-dreamer, Like your contribution, upvote.

That's great. Wish you success

Thanks for always giving us useful informations. I really want to improve my being steemian. You are a good mentor. We have learned a lot from you. More power to you.

Hmm Pretty Cool Idea!! Thanks For The info!

It looks pretty smart, thanks for sharing

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Thanks for letting us know

I think this is a great idea cos it will help facilitate collaboration across the world in creative work. big ups to you

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