suggestions to add features "share and button to play the next video"

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The component I want to recommend the developer in the DTubeViewer app adds useful new features that are useful here:

  1. suggestions for add feature"share button"
  2. suggestion to add feature "button to play the next video"

Because I suggested some of the above components because when using this app I see there are some components that do not exist in this app. Therefore I rate to add some new components that I suggest in this app.


My suggestion in this app is to add some very useful new features in this app, such as share features that are useful for sha these videos with other friends who use the DTubeViewer app as well. and the next feature is the button feature to play the next video, with the presence of this button then the video we play will be able to continue the next video, with the presence of this button then we can proceed to the next video just by clicking this button. location placement of each feature that we can see below

Mockups / Examples

basic view before adding new features


display after added new features



Write here the benefits the components/parts/sections of the software will gain once your proposal Benefit from some of my suggestions above after adding some of the above features in this DTubeViewer app.

  1. share feature, has the benefit to share video links to others, so with this feature we can share the link of the video we are watching this to others.
  2. button to play the next video, has the benefit to play to the next video so with this feature we can directly play the video to the next just by clicking the button that I suggest.

From some of the advantages gained above then this feature is required in this DTubeViewer app, and hopefully this app developer will add features that I recommend this.will be implemented and problems it will solve.

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

  • The contribution is trivial, the suggestions are not seen as worth the reward. Your points of benefits are simple and they do not enhance the project that much.

  • Also share was suggested here

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