my suggestion to add features **share and add to ringtone**

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The component I want to suggest to the developers in the app is to add useful new features here:

  • added a "share" feature
  • add features "add to ringtone"

Cause I suggested some of the components above because in the application moment I see there are some components that are not in this application. Therefore at the value is needed some new components that I suggest in this application.


My suggestion for this app is to add some new features that have the utility to share songs that we hear to our friends in social media. And a feature to add the music you hear to the sound of our smartphone ringtone
Placement location of this new feature we can see the picture below

Mockups / Examples

Basic view before adding new features in app


Display after add in share and add to ringtone



The benefits of my suggestion after adding some of the above features in this app are share and add to ringtone Have the benefits

  1. Share. To share the music we hear to our friends who are in social media so with this feature the user will be easy while to send the music he heard
  2. add to ringtone. To add the music we hear to our smartphone ringtone. So with this feature we can directly use the ringtone does not have to download elsewhere first

So With the presence of that feature in this application users will feel more satisfaction with this application. therefore of the several benefits that get with added some new features in the application it is highly recommended to add some of my suggestions on this in this application.

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Your contribution cannot be approved because the suggested features are practically not compatible with the application, the app is a radio type app, suggestion to share or add to ringtone is absolutely not related to the specifications of the app

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