my suggestion is to add a selection of difficulty levels in playing the game

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The component I want to suggest for this game app is to add features to choose the difficulty level in playing this game. The reason I am suggesting this is because when I play this game I feel there is no significant challenge because we can not choose a more difficult level. And hopefully my suggestion can help app developers in making games.


My suggestion in this game app is to add features to choose the level to tough in we play this game. Here I suggest three levels of difficulty that is easy, Medium and hard. So with the present features that I recommend then the users who play this game can choose their own level of difficulty. The form of placement of the features I recommend this can be seen below

Mockups / Examples

Display the recommended feature


Benefits of getting from the features that I recommend for this game application is the user of this application now can already choose the level of difficulty he wants to play.So they can feel different difficulties at every level of its level like easy, Medium and hard.So hopefully I hope this can be responded by the developers of this application

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