Updated vue-steemconnect (0.4.0)

in utopian-io •  8 days ago  (edited)

I just updated my Steemconnect plugin for Vue.js:


It uses the latest Steemconnect version now (https://github.com/steemscript/steemconnect.js).
Since the old SDK is deprecated and I would like to keep my little plugin alive, I thought it might be a good idea. :D

So I would like to take that as an occasion to promote this plugin a bit. I've not been working on it since I first published it but now I would like to work on these kind of things again a bit more. I think there's room for improvement. Maybe this new Steem Keychain thing can be implemented as well.

But I'm already happy to see that some projects are/have been using it and not only those where I implemented it myself. :P For example https://dtrip.app. That looks pretty cool. Unfortunately it also looks pretty dead since a few months. Actually the only project that still lives is @actifit. :D But good to see that!

By the way: You will notice that there's a vulnerability, caused by a dependency. If you know how to fix that... tell me. I tried to add [email protected] as a dependency but npm audit shows this issue.

Oh and... I appreciate to be tipped with BEER tokens!! :D

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Hi @mkt ! Thank you for your contribution. long time no see I Hope you are doing well.

  1. your last link in the post gives me 404, would you check?
  2. Maybe you can tag your commits versions so they appear in the branches, and add more descriptive commit messages instead.
  3. Simple unit tests would be helpful in avoiding mistakes in the commits.

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  ·  5 days ago (edited)

Hey justyy! Long time indeed. Thanks for you review. For me all links are working.


Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

Hi @mkt!

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You called
I deliver!

Your !BEER
is here.

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:D Prost!

  ·  8 days ago (edited)

Btw... In was für einem Intervall läuft der bot eigentlich? Und ist der Code Open source? Aktuell Schein nichts zu passieren. :/

  ·  8 days ago (edited)

Ja, der code ist der SCOT bot von Holger80

Es gibt ein Limit an Bier die der BeerLover ausliefern kann, das muss ich wohl mal bei den bierseligen Steemians etwas erhöhen.


Ah ok, danke. So ganz hab ich das noch nicht verstanden, wie SCOT und Steem Engine genau zusammenhängen aber das wird sich schon noch ergeben.



This is cool. I'm a developer for steemstem.io 2.0. We will take a look whether it's helpful for the new project which is built with Vue.

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Great! I'd like to get some feedback and I still want to improve it and add more functionality.


awesome. will let you know when we have any questions or feedback.

hey hey! been a long time, hope you're doing great!
Would love to see you help again with Actifit if you have some time? Let's chat on discord.


Well... I have a full-time job. In my free time I will only work on random small stuff I think.

Hey, @mkt!

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