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Busy.org now has a Nightmode!


TL;DR: You can see the new nightmode on staging.busy.org. Once you are logged in go to the settings page and enable the nightmode option.

You might have noticed that the nightmode option is already available on the production/live site but it affects only the navbar at the top. These changes are from my first pull request, that contained only the settings option and the navbar style as an example. I don't know when the full nightmode will be deployed.


Settings Option

First step was to add the option to the settings page properly, so that it get's saved permanently. Then some surrounding container needs to have an additional CSS class, if this setting is enabled.

<div className="Settings__section">
      <FormattedMessage id="nightmode" defaultMessage="Nightmode" />
         defaultMessage="You can enable this option for a more eye-friendly experience at night."
   <div className="Settings__section__checkbox">
         <FormattedMessage id="use_nightmode" defaultMessage="Use Nightmode" />
  className={nightmode ? 'dark' : ''}
  data-dir={language && language.rtl ? 'rtl' : 'ltr'}

Later I decided that it would be more practical to add this nightmode CSS class to the body instead the Layout component (and rename it to nightmode instead of dark). Because the body element lies outside of the React application, a little bit of plain Javascript was necessary.

componentDidMount() {
  if (this.props.nightmode) {


Apply Nightmode Server-Side

This implementation works fine but it leads to a rather annoying visual issue. When the page loads it shows the white version first and then, once the state and thus all the settings options are loaded, it turns into nightmode. To prevent the normal white version flashing for a short moment, the nightmode had to be applied server-side when loading the page.

Even though I was a little bit afraid that I might not be able to figure out how to do that, since I never worked in that part of the code, it turned out to be pretty easy and in the end I only had to touch 3 lines of code.

As the state object is available when rendering the template server-side, all I had to do is to get the nightmode option from it and pass it to the template. There the nightmode class is added to the body if nightmode is enabled.

CSS Adjustments

Now that there is a global CSS class on the body element, when the nightmode is enabled, the rest is just about the actual CSS adjustments.

I inspected the frontend part by part and looked for the respective CSS classes in the components' code. Each component has a <Component>.less file. I copied those files, where needed, suffixed it with <Component>-nightmode.less and imported this file in the main file at the bottom.

It's important that all those new styles are wrapped by the .nightmode class, so that they only take affect when the nightmode is enabled.

I did this with 35 *.less files to cover all the parts of the layout.


There are actually two more things that will probably come with a future update.

One is a special link syntax to enable nightmode for unauthenticated users.

The other one is a toggle button in the navbar on the right, to quickly toggle between night and day.

Please feel free to check out the new nightmode and see if you can find parts that I forgot or that need more work.

I hope you like it! :)

And if you just want to take a brief look, here are some more screenshots:









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thats really awesome. Especially for writers like me who usually use busy in the evening. The night mode is much more enjoyable than the bright white version!
I hope your nighmode will be available in production soon!

Kind regards

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Thanks for you review. I left those buttons as they are, as well as the tags in a post and the reputation, on purpose, as a little bit of contrast. But maybe you're right.

Killer feature add! Night mode is really easy on my eyes. :)

Thank you for rescuing my eyes @mkt! It's well worth the 100 Steem.

I'll send another 100 Steem to anyone who adds the ability to link to any Busy page in Night Mode using link syntax.

Reply here if interested and I'll provide more details and clear it with the project owner for you.


If they are really interested in such a feature, I would like to implement that as well. And I definitely want to add a toggle button in the navbar. I asked them about it here: https://github.com/busyorg/busy/issues/2065#issuecomment-410993689

Ps: Thanks for the reward! I definitely need that... helps a lot!

Great job, @mkt!


Thanks! :)


Yes, the option is actually already available on the main site but affects only the navbar. I added a short explanation to the post.

You might have noticed that the nightmode option is already available on the production/live site but it affects only the navbar at the top. These changes are from my first pull request, that contained only the settings option and the navbar style as an example. I don't know when the full nightmode will be deployed.

Your work is vary good!


Thank you... vary much! :P

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