Bug Report: Busy.org overwriting comment json_metadata

in utopian-io •  9 months ago

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Expected behavior

If you programatically add json_metadata to a comment, it should be unaffected when the comment is being edited on busy.org. The json_metadata should still be intact.

Actual behavior

The json_metadata actually get's overwritten by the defaults that busy.org sets.

I can't really believe that this wasn't noticed yet... The only related issue I could find was this one. But it's something else. Isn't there someone else than me utilizing comment's json_metadata?

How to reproduce

Create a comment (NOT A ROOT POST!) with custom json_metadata, for example with steem.js.

steem.broadcast.comment(wif, parentAuthor, parentPermlink, author, permlink, title, body, jsonMetadata, function(err, result) {
  console.log(err, result);

Then go to busy.org and edit this comment. If you now look at the json_metadata you'll notice that your custom values are gone.

On the-magic-frog.com the comment's json_metadata is used to store the actual submission details. After editing the comment on steemit.com the json_metadata looks like this:

  type: 'append',
  appendText: 'Bla bla bla',
  comment: '',
  author: 'mkt',
  tags: [ 'themagicfrog', ... ],
  app: 'steemit/0.1'

Only the app property gets added. After editing the same comment on busy.org it looks like this:

{ tags: [ 'themagicfrog' ], community: 'busy', app: 'busy/2.4.0' }

How to fix

Just a wild guess but this looks pretty much like the code that causes the problem.
If noone else does, I'll fix this later.

Update: Here's the PR: https://github.com/busyorg/busy/pull/1969

Browser/App version/Operating system: irrelevant

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I love busy
Thanks @mkt

Hello @mkt,
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Thanks @sachincool! :)

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