New Proposed Design Icon for Goodtime Productivity Timer

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Hello everyone! Here's my contribution for Goodtime Productivity Timer. Thank you and enjoy viewing!















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Anything that helps fight my world-class procrastination (unfortunately procrastination is my only world-class attribute) sounds good to me! Cleaning, doing, the washing, scrubbing the toilet, brushing my teeth, cleaning the soles of my trainers, descaling the kettle, I will do literally anything to avoid work!!

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

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It's missing proof of work of those little icons or source file for it for licence pursoses. Fyi.

i think you're right there my friend. But at least she presented the work space and the progress of work. Let's give her a chance to make it more detailed next time. After all we are here to support each other and not to criticize.

It's your call for sure, not up to me.

Hi @oups i understand your views on implementing the rules tightly on utopian. Let's wait for the updated rules to come out before rejecting posts that took hours and effort from the contributors to post.

Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

Not your original work, the tutorial is old and is showing the old version of Steemit.

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Hi @fadli. maybe you posted on a wrong post?

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  • theres too much details inside the logo. It does not work at all in small size
  • provide proof of work. Those icons inside seem to be a part of icon set.
  • Try to simplify your presentation. Dont use too many effects
  • provide source of all images used in presentation

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