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Mockup : iPhone


After searching on github and I found the task request. The project owner need a recognizable logo and favicon. I'm trying to propose a few logo to the Project Owner. PO integrated the logo on the vaadin10 branch.

A Backend for ACRA written in Java using Spring Boot, Vaadin and MySQL. Acrarium is an open source project, ACRA welcomes all initiatives to integrate its reports in any other backend and analysis tool.


Benefits / Improvements

Acrarium uses the colors of the Vaadin Valo Theme (#1676F4) and (#FF473A) so I made white logo, as both themes are supported. The concept of this logo idea is letter a and c. PO liked the logo with the flat style. I created this logo easy to remember and modern.



To design it i used CorelDRAW X7.

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Hey @midun ,

Thank you for the contribution. It is nice to see that project owner satisfied with your work.

In my opinion, your idea is not clearly visible on the logo design. A and C letters are not recognizable. Also, I am not sure about using first two letter of the project name on the logo design.

For the mock-up design, please show your logo design on android menu screen if the project is android application. It would be more useful, so we can understand how logo looks like on small sizes when we are using area.

As a suggestion, you can explain your ideas and features of the logo design in detail. Which parts of the logo design represents what and decision reasons of color and typeface. So we can understand the 'background' of the logo design.

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Thanks a lot baran for the thorough suggestions. my next contribution would be better!

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Thank you for your review, @baranpirincal! Keep up the good work!

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That ngeri wate ta kaloen hasil vote neu teumeung. Koen sembarang ureung berati droen nyoe bang. Model low profile meunan berati droen bang. Salut keu droen bang @midun.

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ahha pane na adun, ban long mernoe. Makasih bg ka neu kunjung :)

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Han mungken bang. Bek neukiliek bang. Nyoe payah neu angkat loen jeut keu aneuk murid droen bang euk.

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Hahahaha.. macam dum adun nyoe nah.. beu ee teuh haha .. beu sereng aktif bak discord adun. :)

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