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Logo construction-01.png


This projects was created due to developing a video editor on Android is too hard, less document. It needs a lot of professional knowledge. Many developers choose FFmpeg, but it has a very big size and is hard to optimize. But Android does not provide a good solution. This library can help developers achieve development faster. Some features of this library are: It is tiny (about 100KB size now), it's easy to use (just one line code to make edition) and easy to extand (implementing custom effects)


First sketches



Benefits / Improvements

  • I tried to make the logo very simple, but transmitting the intention of the project, to be a Simple Video Editor.
  • The colors were meant to be light to denote simplicity, and the PO wanted something that said "it's an editor" in it so I added parts of a wrench.
  • The logo looks clean, and it's pretty scalable to many sizes.

Monochromatic version



Typeface / Color Information


Proof of authorship



Adobe Illustrator CC 2018

Original files

Proof of Work Done

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Thank you for your contribution.
Neon green has very low contrast on white and its hard to use for UI effectively.
The typeface doesnt fit the brand, it not very well balanced and different kerning in logotype is very bad practice.
There are no ready to use files in your source files.

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I dont know if wrench if suitable for visual editor. Mybe, this logo is for Video Repair.

I associate a wrench with edition (like when you see the nut icon), and the PO also did. Maybe is a matter of perception ;)

😁. Mybe yes, or mybe not. But, the wrench more suitable to mecanical project. Mybe video editor more mecanical process, and then i could say yes. 😀

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