Django Girls Tutorial: Yoruba translation #21: 1269 words

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Project Details

This is a free, open-sourced and beginner friendly tutorial for learning how to build web apps with Python and Django.

This is a tutorial powered by DjangoGirls, a non-profit organization and a community, aimed at showing you that programming or creating websites is not as complicated as it seems. It tries to cover the basics of using HTML, CSS, Python and Django, of which at the end of the tutorial you should be able to have a small working web application, i.e. your own blog.

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview
The project has a total of 30,208 words, and in this session I was able to translate 1,269 words.
A total translated word count of 26,966 words now brings the project to 89% completion.
I translated part of the strings in the under the python_introduction folder (1269 words).

Source language - English
Target language - Yoruba

Word Count
On 28 Jul 2019, I translated a total of 1269 words

Proof of Authorship

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