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SecondScreen is an application designed for users that like to connect their Android devices to external device. It works with your existing screen mirroring solution to give you the best experience possible. With SecondScreen, you can change your device's resolution and density to fit your TV or monitor, enable always-on desktop mode in Chrome, and even turn your device's backlight off, among several other features. With SecondScreen, the wonders behind screen mirror will be known. I came across the wonderful project on playstore i contacted the PO, if he want a new logo for the project. His response was Yes After making several sketch, this is what i came up with. Y can read more about the project here


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hey, thank you for your contibution.

The idea of this logo is kinda oveused/generic, if you search "screen mirror logo" you will find many similar idea with a phone, monitor, and wireless conectivity as the main elements.

however it is nice that project owner has implemented your logo to the play store.

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Thank you for your review, if you check the communication, i made withe project owner. You will notice i made two distinctive design and he personally chose this one. Because the main focus of the project is based on wireless connectivity.

If you meant the one with Bluetooth icon, that's not distinctive design.

If you meant the one
With Bluetooth icon, that's not
Distinctive design.

                 - nilfanif

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Well, it might be a distinctive. But i believe the idea of any design should not make it difficult for people to detect what a product is all about. Based on product design guideline.
@nilfanif, what element did you think should have been used instead of monitor a mobile device and wireless?

Yes the design should be simple and not difficult, but it is our job to make that design unique to that project/product and make it different among the same products.

Honestly idk what element that fit that project beside the monitor, what i want to say is you can make the monitor to be unique, make it different, add some negative space, add some twist of clever design, etc.

Ok now i understand your point, thanks man. I will consider this for my next design.

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