Electron #6 (1,279 words have translated from English to Filipino)

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Electron is a desktop application framework developed by GitHub and created by Cheng Zhao. It allows for the development of desktop applications using front- and back-end infrastructure such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's interesting of learning more about JavaScript, HTML, etc.
While translating I'm also gaining some knowledge (I may not gather everything from what I have read, yet still a big help if you want to explore JavaScript). That's what made me decide to be part of this project. For some who loves source code, you can also join.


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Translated Language
I have translated 1,279 words from English to Filipino. Its current status is now 62% from its previous status of 64%. (The total size of words to be translated is 74,287, and now 64% of it is already translated, for approximately of 26,744 words are remained untranslated.)



Number of Words
The total number of words has been translated from English to Filipino : 7,607


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Total number of words recently translated: 1,279

Proofread Words
Have not proofread yet.

Previous translation on the same project
Parts of the translation has been made in Electron:

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