Reimplementing CrytpoNews in Native Android (UPDATE #3 : NETWORK LISTENER)

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@princessdharmy and I decided to build a native version of CryptoNews originally started by @johnesan in xamarin(which was discontinued due to being a cross platform framework, it comes with so many limitations that makes the application unable to fully harness the power of native functionalities).


Update and New Features

  • User Can Now see Snackbar when Internet Connection is absent.
    Before this update, a single check was made while the activity is loaded to check for Internet action. I added a Livedata Listener to Update once the user loses Internet Connection. This use of a Snackbar provides the user with a smooth user experience without hindering the user's experience on the app.
  • When a User starts without Internet Access - Turning on the data fetches the data automatically without leaving the activity.
  • When a User Scrolls an already fetched List - He is also reminded about the Internet Connection
  • Progressbar was completely removed from the First Activity and replaced with existing swipe_to_refresh layout. (Progressbar was redundant)
  • Enabled landscape Layout (:))

How it was implemented

A ConnectionClassLiveData class that extends LiveData<ConnectionModel> was created . This class contains the BroadcastReceiver which monitors the network state.
The class shown below

public class ConnectionClassLiveData extends LiveData<ConnectionModel> {

    private Context context;

    public ConnectionClassLiveData(Context context) {
        this.context = context;

    protected void onActive() {
        IntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter(ConnectivityManager.CONNECTIVITY_ACTION);
        context.registerReceiver(networkReceiver, filter);


    protected void onInactive() {

    private BroadcastReceiver networkReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver() {
        public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
            if (intent.getExtras() != null){
                NetworkInfo actvenetwork = (NetworkInfo)
                boolean isConnected = actvenetwork != null &&

                if (isConnected){
                    switch (actvenetwork.getType()){
                        case  ConnectivityManager.TYPE_WIFI:
                            postValue(new ConnectionModel(WifiData, true));
                        case  ConnectivityManager.TYPE_MOBILE:
                            postValue(new ConnectionModel(MobileData, true));

                }else {
                    postValue(new ConnectionModel(0, false));


The BroadcastReceiver is registered in the active onActive and InActive() methods.

In our fragment, i was able to provide the ConnectionClassLiveData class with Dagger and implemented the way the snackbar behaves when the network Changed.

 //Connection Listener to give us rea time internet connection status
        connectionClassLiveData.observe(this, connectionModel -> {
            if (connectionModel.isConnected()) {
                isConnected = true;
                if (newsList.size() == 0) {
            } else {
                isConnected = false;
                Snackbar.make(mContainer, R.string.error, Snackbar.LENGTH_LONG).show();


The Swipe-to-refresh layout was implemnted in the onCreateView and was dismissed when the data was gotten.

    public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container,
                             Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        View view  = inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_latest_news, container, false);
        ButterKnife.bind(this, view);
        swipeRefreshLayout.setColorSchemeColors(R.color.colorAccent, R.color.colorAccent, R.color.colorAccent);

        return view;



  • Searching all news
  • Persisting user news
  • Providing different layouts (Work in Progress)
  • Providing different themes for user
  • Push Notifications
  • News Posts sharing
  • Incorporating more news and giving the user the flexibility of deciding what he wants to read per time.


  • Github Commits - Link of commit can be found here
  • Apk for download - Download here

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