Steem White Paper: English to Filipino Localization Project [1ST Part]

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Translating 1,163 words of Steem White Paper from English to Filipino

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  • Project/Document Name: Steem White Paper

This is the second open source project that I contributed a translation activity and at the same time as an approved translator for Filipino language which is an initiative being spearheaded by @davinci.polyglot and @utopian-io.

Project Details

Steem Whitepaper
Anyone who is into blockchain or cryptocurrency platforms have heard about “white papers”. White papers is an important document which gives the potential users or readers the idea behind a certain cryptocurrency project and at the same time, it helps potential investors to know the goal of the project and what it aims to offer to the real world or perhaps what innovation or problem they are trying to solve in today’s market. It also helps people to identify the legitimacy of a certain project. And thankfully, for this report, I translated our very own Steem’s White Paper. It is an honour for me to localized this very important document to my native language which is Filipino.


Source Language - English is the source language of my translation project.
Translated Language - Filipino is translated language of my translation project.

Contribution Specifications:

  • Translation Overview:
    This is the first part of my translation on this project with a total of 12, 283 words this is a not a very huge project and I'm not the only Filipino's was translated of the Steem White Paper. You can see the total words of this project down below.

Word Count
The total words that I translate in Filipino is 1,261 words with 98 deduction words, because there are words that can not be translated such as a link, codes and all the words don't have a translation such as a computer words or and blockchain words. So the total words that I translate in Filipino is 1,163 words in this season I translate the file with the total words of 12, 111 words. Thanks to LM @ruah for proofreading my contribution.

Here are the screenshots of my translation

Most of the non-translateable words that I’ve met while localizing this project are as follows:

  • Blockchain
  • Steem
  • Internet
  • Rate
  • Network
  • Steem Power
  • token
  • currency
  • premium
  • ratio

Links related to the translation

Project profile link: Steem White Paper on Crowdin

Link to Project activity: My project link

Crowdin Project Page: steem white paper crowdin link

Special thanks to @davinci.polyglot and @utopian-io team for the creation of Filipino Translation Team.

Currently, the Language Moderator for Filipino Team is @ruah and is composed of 5 Approved Translators namely: @toffer, @josephace135, @timliwanag, @dandalion and yours truly, @marou27.


Hi @marou27, Thank you for contributing to the Davinci-Utopian Translation project!
This is your 3rd contribution to the translation category and first contribution to @steem white paper translation.

  • There is some error on wordings of the report of the translation, I hope to see improvements on your next report.
  • The translations are good and accurate except in these two strings, there is some word that should be translated on this string that you didn't translate. You ca translate conversion to konbersyon please click this link to edit the string.
  • pegged should be translated as naka-peg.


  • When using a tag-lish words please be inform that you should remove the s on the plural word and put mga before the word, if you encounter a word that has ing or ed simply remove them and add these words on the front of the word (na-, naka- and many more words that I think you are already familiar with).

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