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Everyone Has One. But In The End Of This Post You're Gonna Have A Better One.
Our Personality is Our Typical Pattern Of Thinking, Feeling, Acting and Communicating. So the key term there is typical. its what you do consistently not with one person or with one group of people but across the board as a whole.

So Now i want you to think of somebody who you consider to have a great personality. these people are just radiating with personality. We feel better being around them. Now if i ask you to tell what is specificaly good about their personality which makes them great. Its tougher right? because there are alot of factors that go into making up somebody's personality.

So we can break down a good personality into traits and if we work on developing these traits for ourselves, We in a long run are going to have a better personality and who doesnt want that?
we all do.

  1. BE A Better Listener !

Work on your active listening skills because communication is a skill.when you listen to somebody its not just your ears. your whole body should be listening. Put your phone away. eye contact with them! engage them. Who doesnt like to be around somebody that when you are talking to them and they are actually listening to you.

2.Be Interesting !


You can actually become more interesting by engaging and actively seeking out education and information. Try new things. The more you try the more information you seek and the more interesting you are gonna be when you communicate with people.

3.Be Optimistic .


Practice and adopt a more optimistic outlook on life. Nobody likes to being around people who are pessimistic, who always talks about the negative things. this is something that you can absolutely change. If you are consistently talking about negative things, acknowledge that you are doing it and then work on developing a more positive outlook. Sometimes looking at things a little bit differently can make all the difference in the world.

4.Be Supportive

Be encouraging and supportive to others. appreciate others' work . I am telling you , people who are supportive to me or people who i interact with are encouraging , I like them more and i love being around them. There might be people in your life too who are raising you up with positive energy . Be Like Them !


Have iintegrity and treat people with respect. When you give respect to others they ultimately get inspired by you and your personality and gives you respect no matter how they behave in the begining. Your integrity will change them and their perception about your personality too.

  1. Stop Backbiting

Don't talk bad about people and don't make fun of them.People who gossip about other people are not trusted by even their close friends. People will enjoy the gossips but will never think good of you too.

  1. Be Yourself.

Don't be afraid of being yourself. oftenly we get caught in this cycle of trying to please everybody.when you stop doing that and decide that you may take it or lose it. you may loose some friends, some people are going to dislike you but its okay . The ones who are still there, they are gonna be solid and you will find new ones eventually . These relationships and friends will be far more superior than those.

8.Learn to laugh at yourself.

Have the ability to laugh at yourself . Now this is easier said than done and until you actually have a secure sense of self and you feel good about who you are and comfortable in your own skin, you are probably not going to do that.

  1. Confidence

Do things that you need to do everyday to facilitate and develop your confidence . When you feel good about yourself and you believe in yourself that you bring value to the world. When you have this feeling your personality will sky rock !And that is going to transcend every aspect of your life including your personality .

The good news is that if you implement and embrace these 9 tips into your daily life , you are well on your way to personality perfection.

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