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Is it just me or you get nervous or a little bit of concious anytime you walk in to a room of people you don't know.
I know its not just me because it happens to all of us. butterflies and anxiety is just normal anytime you get to stand up or give a presentation or a speech in front of a group of people.

But social anxiey or having a phobia about going out and interacting and meeting new people. this is something totally different. This is an absolute fear or embarrasing yourself or being judged harshly by others. This fear anxiety social anxiety is so strong that it prevents you from going out and doing things because you know how uncomfortable you are gonna be when you get there.

Social anxiety absolutely limits ones happiness and ability to go out and socialize.
So as I mentioned, Social anxiety is this fear, an Irrrational fear that you are going to be embarrassed yourself so intensely
Common social anxiety trigger by things meeting new people, being the centre of attention, making small talks, public speaking, called out in class. it cal also triggered by things like eating out in a restrauant, going out on a date or even using a public restroom.
Being a little uneasy and nervous in new sitiuations is totally normal. Social anxiety is much more intense but if this anxiety is preventing you from do something then there is something need to be done about it.
Some warning signs that you may be experiancing some degree of social anxiety.

If you worry intensely for days, weeks upto a specific event then you may have social anxiety.
If you think you are being judged constantly
#when you get invited to someplace and you dont want to go even you dont have anything to do or you feel the need to take a friend with you.
if you are the kind of person who stays in the background anywhere and try not to communicate with people.
Fast heartbeat.
Upset stomach or nausea.
Trouble catching your breath.
Dizziness or lightheadedness.
Feeling that your mind has gone blank.

If you said yes to anyone of those and do it constantly then chances are you have a degree of social anxiety. so now lets talk about how to get it in check.

  1. Challenge your own negative thoughts !

question-1301144_1920.pngBecause thats one of the thing when people have social anxiety they get these negative thoghts like : you are not gonna be good enough, you are going to screw it up. challenge it dont just accept it

Challenge the thought by probing it with questions. Ask yourself, “What evidence do I have to support this thought?” Odds are, you’ll notice that the evidence isn’t strong.
Replace the thought with something more rational or positive. For example, if you’re thinking, “I am ugly,” try thinking instead about the individuals in your life who would disagree.

  1. Learn to control your breathing.

happiness-1866081_1920.jpgwhen we get nervous its short little breaths which make us more anxcious than we actually may be or need to be. by practicing or learning and adopting some relaxations techniques or some deep breathing exercising, its going to easier. calm down and chill out.

  1. Face your Fear !

fear-2083653_1920.jpgIf you are the person who is never gone out because you are scarred to interact with people and avoiding the situations, you gotta be willing to be uncomfortable. you are gonna be uncomfortable till you feel like running away but you have to face your fear. If you never do, you never going to get better. go out and interact to people. maybe you only talk to someone for 10 minutes. next time you will go a little longer and feel easier.
if this doesnt work then you try no. 4 which is:

  1. Meet a Therapist !

consulting-1739639_1920.jpgGo and seek professional help because its out there , alot of times , we as an indiviuals have a very tough times. we can give great advice to other people but when it comes to us we cant help ourselves. so a great idea is to go and seek counselling. therapsits are a wondefull too. they are unbiased and their only job is to help you get over the issues you have.

  1. Medications.

thermometer-1539191_1920.jpgThere are some great medications out there to help you. you don't need to feel like this, you are not meant to feel like are beautiful, special and you deserve to have wonderful should be enjoying your life, going out, doing thins but if your social anxiety is causing you to have more fear than fun then my friends ! its the time to take actions. its tough but you can do it. If you take the first step i am sure you will be impressed with the way you respond.

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amazing tips :)