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This is an Android based open source project. The aim of this library is to preload entire folders the user might access, so that they load instantly should the user open them.

this project does not yet have a logo. and I offered to make an attractive logo for this project and the project owner agreed. After that I sent a pull request. And the project owner has agreed to that. See our conversation about the link below.


Pull Requests First and Second

Logomark and Logo Result



Logomark and Logotype Primary (Horizontal)



Logomark and Logotype Secondary (Vertical)










Benefits / Improvements

Hello, all. I hope you are all healthy. at this time I have reviewed this Project. and this project does not yet have a logo. so I offered to make an attractive new logo in my opinion. I hope it's interesting for you. This new logo looks interesting and unique because in this design I use the file manager icon with a combination of loader icons in the middle. the reason I'm using this loader icon is because it follows the name of the project. so that the name and icon are appropriate. so I use the icon. for the color I use material colors. and OCR A Extended fonts

Proof of authorship



This design I use CorelDRAW Graphics suite X7

Original files

Drive Download
Mockup Download, Download, Download
Font Download

Proof of Work Done

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Hi @mansyaprime, thank you for your contribution.

The logomark is very nice, however I did't really see the shape of "file manager/folder" maybe it was because you gave to much roundness in the corners of the logomark.

Here i reduced the roundness of the corners and you can see the shape of "folder" much clearer.

Another thing you might want to take note is the color, orange on top of blue, I know that the complementary color of blue is orange, but the orange on top of blue is kinda hard to see.

see the comparison bellow:

next time, to help you choose better colors you can use adobe kuler as reference.

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very amazing advice. thank you @nilfanif

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