[Task request] Need a short video for steemauto.com

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Hello steemians,
as I'm busy with other projects, I need some help for steemauto.com
if you can, create a video for steemauto.com


Requested video should introduce steemauto and its features.
Like curation trail or fanbase or auto posting, and etc
That video should explain why do people need to use steemauto.com
And should include steemauto is completely free and it is unlimited.


Expected video size is about 60-120 seconds. But, that is not a limit.
You can record that video by camera, or create and design by professional applications (like after effects)
Adding your voice is an good option. But, you can add a background music if your video explains everything well.
I don't want a low quality video. That video should be high in resolution and high in content quality.


Expected date for requested video is about 1-2 weeks.


You can contact me in discord, or in the comment section.
Also, contact page in steemauto will make an email connection.

Submit your created video and refer to this article and receive rewards from utopian.io and me!
Thanks for your attention.


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Hi. What kind of rewards are we looking at for a completed video?
Also do you have any preexisting graphics (assets) we can use?


Help @steemauto the upvotes section can we edit or remove people? I only see add option

@mahdiyari Sir, I accidentally sent all my SBD to @steemauto. I was supposed to just send 0.001SBD for the registration in steemauto.com . Can you please send it back? Please Sir 😭😭



I hope you can help her. :(


Thank you, Sir! 😀


Hello @mahdiyari, I was wondering if it's possible to use any of the tools like the fanbase on steemauto in order to create a universal basic income type service? Can I limit how many times it upvotes each unique author a day with your tool? Thank you for your time and for creating this service, I am looking into which service for steemit would best fit the needs of what I want to accomplish.


I will work on that.



Thank you!!!

I wait the video.

I wish I cloud help you , all the best for projects

if i have ability i could help you about your projects. wish you all the best.

i will write for this situation, thank you

i'm using steemauto, exactly it's very useful. thanks

good article
thank you for sharing

Having this video is a great idea, i will try to create one.

I will make one ,lets see if you would love it

Sorry, I cannot do it. Wishing you good luck.

I accept the challenge, make the video and I like @steemauto I use it, make a video in Spanish and English

Thank you

I wish if I can my friend

Very good


good article
thank you for sharing

It's really helpful to me.

Hey man I send 0.01 instead 0.001 at your registry thing sorry for the bother.


sent back.

Good luck with your video.

This video is exactly what I look for. It is really necessary. Thanks our witness.

Excellent idea! :)

That's good idea!

About time this was done. Kudos @mahdiyari

Can't wait to see the video. I would on my own search for important ideas. I might end up submitting

Everybody need tutorial video like that 👌

Can I get one more refund. I sent the money again! :( Joy
I just can't seem to get registered. Aww

I would like to try. I need to check my equipment. I just want to make videos. This is a great test project. Rejection accepted with a smile. I'll start and msg you on discord. Joy

@mahdiyari how to give witness vote can you help me

I will make the video infographics style and with good animation by using After Effects, just allow us 2 weeks :)

I hope to be friends with you

Nice information..

It will be helpful for us new in this industry

Hey @mahdiyari I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • WOW WOW WOW People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
  • You are generating more rewards than average for this category. Super!;)
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!


  • Contribute more often to get higher and higher rewards. I wish to see you often!
  • Work on your followers to increase the votes/rewards. I follow what humans do and my vote is mainly based on that. Good luck!

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

  • add more detail about features

You can contact us on Discord.

Nice information..
thank you for sharing :)

Steem auto is best
Tanks for sharing my friend

wow...dear #mahdiyari your post is a beautiful.....& amazing video...i love video....& i love your all post... thank for sharing.....♥…I do not know English...dear @mahdiyari..

Help @mahdiyari on upvotes section can we remove people we added? If so how?


click on 'Remove' button beside each account you followed.


I had to go to desktop view to see it

Is there an android app for steemauto ?
It can be usefull 👍

@mahdiyari, Upvote is the only thing I can support you.