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I'm in a bad position in the real and I'm trying to work and improve Steemauto
I just need more time
Thanks for your great support


As you know, Steemauto is written by PHP and it is hard to add more features to it!
I want to re-code Steemauto with Javascript (backend) and Angular 6 (frontend)
After re-coding Steemauto with Javascript, anyone will be able to contribute more features! Working with Javascript is easier in the Steemauto!

The backend is almost done!
Let's skip talking and jump to the codes:


I will use StandardJS as a Javascript coding standard in this project. If you are interested in the development, please install StandardJS to your IDE.

I will use ExpressJS as API server for Steemauto

const express = require('express')
const bodyParser = require('body-parser')
const cookieParser = require('cookie-parser')
const app = express()

const port = process.env.PORT || 3001
const host = process.env.HOST || ''
app.listen(port, host, () => {
  console.log(`Application started on ${host}:${port}`)

File and URL structures are easy to follow and easy to understand. Also, I added enough comments to cover all part of this project.
For example, Curation Trail operations are available in the /api/v1/dashboard/curation_trail/OPERATION
OPERATION is one of the followings:


It is easy to add or change any operation by just editing one file (index.js)
in this example: 'curation_trail/index.js':

const express = require('express')
const app = express()
const followTrail = require('./follow_trail')
const unfollowTrail = require('./unfollow_trail')
const settingsTrail = require('./settings_trail')
const becomeTrail = require('./become_trail')
const updateTrail = require('./update_trail')

app.use('/follow', followTrail)
app.use('/unfollow', unfollowTrail)
app.use('/settings', settingsTrail)
app.use('/become', becomeTrail)
app.use('/update', updateTrail)

module.exports = app

Also, /server.js is used to declare the main routes:

app.use('/api/v1/dashboard/curation_trail', curationTrail)
app.use('/api/v1/dashboard/fanbase', fanbase)
app.use('/api/v1/dashboard/schedule_post', schedulePost)

I used a middleware (is_auth.js) to verify the identity of users. This middleware will only allow authorized users to use the backend.

router.use(async (req, res, next) => {
  if (req && req.cookies && req.cookies.access_key && req.cookies.username) {
    const username = req.cookies.username
    const accessKey = req.cookies.access_key
    const result = await con.query(
      'SELECT `access_key` FROM `users` WHERE `user`=?',
    if (result && result[0].access_key === accessKey) {
    } else {
        id: 0,
        error: 'wrong auth provided'
  } else {
      id: 0,
      error: 'missed auth param'

Curation trail and Fanbase finished. I'm working on the Schedule Posts section (submitting posts already finished).
I think in a few weeks, you will see new features and options in the Steemauto!

Steem on and support Steemauto!

Thanks for your great support

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Thank you for your contribution. It is good to see you are improving your code and rewriting it in the newer technology. The code really looks good. The commit messages and comments are also good.

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Thank you for your review, @codingdefined!

So far this week you've reviewed 4 contributions. Keep up the good work!

steemauto is an example of hard work which made the whole ecosystem a beeter place for growth and ease of use.

we all owe to you @mahdiyari
thanks for the great job 👏👏👏🙇‍♂️


Hi @mahdiyari, your @steemauto project has been listed in the new @steembluepages directory of useful things! Check out our listings if you have a moment. Hopefully @steembluepages can grow a following and drive further traffic your way. Keep up the great work, and we hope this helps the project!

Thanks! Appreciate the service.

Hey @mahdiyari
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
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Good post having a good knowledge. I have given you my witness vote plse upvote me also

Dear friend @mahdiyari, thank you for your support, certainly SteemAuto is a spectacular application. receive my affection.

Great work @mahdiyari ! Your efforts are impressive.

I am happy to hear some updates, I use steemauto. keep it up.

Why are my fan base up votes not working? I am above the limit and I am not paused. Several high value posts have been missed because they were not up voted by steemauto. I did manually up vote those I am folllowing, even though they should have already been up voted


There must be a temporary issue with the system as my curation trail and fanbase aren't working either.

@mahdiyari will be aware of it and I am sure he is working hard to fix it.

Looks good, is the code the reason it goes down often or the server?


It was the second time our Steem node paused syncing blocks! Steemauto works well.


Yes it is amazing when working.👍

Looking forward to more features! Thanks for the value you provide!

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