Steemauto v2 - Development progress

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16 month ago we launched steemauto with a very simple template and poor backend. Backend improved during the time but front-end is not improved a lot.

I started re-developing steemauto with different language which I believe will deliver more reliability.
Let's keep project un-seen in the production until an official announcement. (I think beta version will be available in 1 month)

What is added:

  • Follow, unfollow, disable, enable and view buttons (all functions)
  • Sort function which will sort any table (list of curation trails and etc)
  • More security against CSRF
  • Routing to support /curation-trail/@username which is a landing page for each curation trail
  • On the trail page:
    • User avatar
    • Account balance
    • Steem power
    • Delegations
    • Trail description
    • Weekly curation reward
    • Followers
    • Website
    • Follow/Unfollow button
    • Markdown text (and image) to introduce curation trails (premium)

By adding trail page, a landing page for each curation trail, trail owners can share their trail page with other users to follow the trail. Adding more text and image to that page to introduce curation trail would increase the followers.

Development plan for the next weeks:

  • A settings page for each curation trail

  • Bulk editing (changing settings for all or some of the trails by one click)

  • More options for curation trails
    Included but not limited to the: self-voting, comment voting, including tags, excluding tags, and daily limitation

  • More details about curation rewards
    Including daily chart, most profitable authors, and estimated monthly and yearly earnings

  • Fanbase, schedule post, comment upvote, and claim reward pages


I tried to use friendly names for all variables in the development process. Also, I explained variables and functions which was a little difficult to understand.
I developed any function in the back-end and any method in the front-end as an independent method. This will make changing or re-using these methods easier.

After learning typescript, angular v6 (v7) and javascript you will understand all part of this project.


We accept SBD, and STEEM for donations. Account to donate @steemauto
All rewards from this post will be used to support development and maintaining of Steemauto.

With your great support, we can pass another month. Thanks a lot!

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Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

Great job all around!

Got my witness vote! Thanks a lot for your great work!

Can't wait to see the UPDATES !

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