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Hello, my friends.
Just added a few features to and modified dashboard codes.

Automatically Upvoting Comments:

A new feature is about upvoting comments automatically after a few minutes (0 ~ 30) on your posts.
You are able to set a username with preferred voting weight to upvote that user's comments in your posts.


Some limits applied to this feature to prevent users from abusing.
One limit is on number of votes each user can gain from all of your posts. (now 2 upvotes per day)
And a limit is on number of votes each user can gain from one of your posts. (now 1 upvote per comment per post)

List of fanbase/curation trail followers:

Another feature which is newly added to steemauto is fanbase/curation trail followers list.
Now you are able to check all of fans and trailers and see list of their followers.


It is possible by clicking on that fan or trail name in the 'Fanbase' or 'Curation trail' page.
Listed users are only enable followers.

What is

If you don't know what is, read this short introduction:

Steemauto is an open source app which is created for steem users to automate and make easier some functions.
for example: Automatically following a user's upvotes and upvote any post he will upvote, Automatically upvoting some user's posts after publishing, Publishing blog posts in the future time, and etc.
it is free and will stay free.
you will use steemconnect as a third party app to add @steemauto to your account's posting auths. it is secure enough to trust and try once.

Website URL:
Contribution links: 1 and 2

Steem witness: Mahdi Yari,

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Great tool looks good.

very nice idea, i will try it!

Hey @mahdiyari I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • WOW WOW WOW People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
  • You are generating more rewards than average for this category. Super!;)
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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I'm new and therefore I was not familiar with such tools, so I express my gratitude to you for such useful information

That's a really sweet function and apparently well balanced against abuse. I like it. I have never seen such a feature before. Well done. I just made another video about SteemAuto and this feature.

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Hope am not gonna lose my funds after providing my details

steemauto only uses your account posting permission. it includes only and only upvoting, commenting, reblogging, and following.
funds are safe.

Excellent looks great the page and I learned to use it, thanks for reporting the new changes

I registered today, a great site, I'm still studying it

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