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Http://MySteemitFriends.Online is a popular tool with apporximately 20,000 hits per month. It has recently be renamed to Http:// for simplicity.

New Features

  • What feature(s) did you add?
    Improved the website to include a new tool for finding and listing articles written by a user between two dates. It was becoming harder and harder to find articles written previously as Steemit only shows the latest articles and takes a long time to scroll back. With this tool, you can find articles you have written a long time ago instantly without waiting for a long time.

Here are the steps to use this tool:

  1. Click on User History button from the navigation bar to arrive at this page. Alternatively you can access this page directly using the URL
  2. Type in the name of a user. e.g. magicmonk
  3. Choose two dates you want to acquire the list of upvotes or articles. The Articles Written is the new functionality.
  4. Click the blue button saying "List Articles Written". You will see a list of articles written by this user between those two dates, with links to each of the articles for easy access.

  • How did you implement it/them?
    Here are the files I updated:

The controller now retrieves an additional input value called Mode. Using the mode, it will either retrieve list of articles written by the user or voted by the user.

his file replaces the old upvotehistory.php as the model manages the data for both upvote history and written articles, it makes sense to rename this file. It can now retrieve data for both upvotes and written articles by this user between two dates.

The view has also renamed from articlelist.php to articlelistview.php as it represents the view of the article list page. A new button has been created so that when the user clicks on it, they will get a list of articles they wrote between two dates. The table display will vary depending on which button the user clicked (upvotes or written articles).

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Thanks for the contribution, @magicmonk! That's definitely a cool feature to have and should be useful to people looking for some older posts - great work!

Some feedback: the indentation of your code seems pretty inconsistent in places. Sometimes it's 2, 4, 8 or even 0. I would recommend you stick to the best practices of each language (e.g. HTML would be 2 spaces).

Another thing I would like to remark is that some comments are not very useful.

if ($voter&&$mode=="upvote") {
// get list of results
$results = $articlelistmodel -> gethistory($date,$todate,$voter);

It should be pretty obvious what you are doing here, so there isn't much need to add a comment describing what is happening imo.

Finally, since you made a pull request (which is great) it would be nice if you could link it in the body of your contribution, but that's just for our convenience of course.

Good to see you back contributing and working on improving SteemFriends!

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Thank you so much amosbastian. Your reviews are very useful and detailed as always. Much appreciated. Have linked the pull request in the article and will definitely watch the indenting and commenting in the future. Thank you very much.


Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 11 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Cool, I will check this out!

Hey, @magicmonk!

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Thank you so much utopian!


Now that's more like the kind of rewards your work on these tools should be getting!!


thanks again for your support :) It's good to hear my users speak up a bit.

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