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RE: NULS- Open Source Customizable Modular Blockchain

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Hello, @crypto-wisdom!

Thank you for your contribution to Utopian. This is a very interesting project, and you managed to compose a well-illustrated blog post that contains tons of valuable information about it. Keep up the good work.

On the content side, you did a really good job. The post is detailed and extensive, and the content is unique and editorial. I was impressed by the vast amounts of information presented in your review, and I certainly learned a lot reading your work.

That said, the post did have issues of style and proofreading, and I'd be happy to cite a few examples in a follow-up comment, if you wish. Regardless, this is an amazing review, and I appreciate your commitment to quality.

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Yes sir, if you can cite few examples of the issues related to proof-reading, then I will be able to correct that in my next contribution. So please.



I apologize for the slow reply. I will cite a few examples for you:

Blockchain technology removes this centralized server and makes the transaction happens in a peer to peer distributed ledger.

This sentence should read: "Blockchain technology removes this centralized server and makes the transaction happen in a peer to peer distributed ledger."

Enterprises willing to adopt Blockchain technology to their business principle can do it now by easily with NULS modular Blockchain.

I think you missed a verb before the word ''with''. Or maybe forgot to omit the word ''by''. This sentence should read: "Enterprises willing to adopt blockchain technology to their business principle can do it easily with the modular blockchain of NULS."

It also defines basic operation related to NULS token transaction.

This one should read: "It also defines the basic operations related to NULS token transactions."

I hope you will find this comment useful.

Have a good day!

Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

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