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in #utopian-io6 years ago (edited) recently updated the anti bot section of the bot script. The new update I believe has some flaws that would allow cheaters get extra upvotes.

For example, if you got 33 upvotes from bots, you would get -2.5 and those who are getting only one bot vote on them are also getting -2.5. Only major abusers who are using hordes of bots are getting the penalty.

So, I am suggesting the following algorithm change to make the bot more supportive of quality content. The code is presented below:

       if (foundBots > 0) {
                                    vote = vote - 2.5;

                                    if (foundBots > 4) {
                                      vote = vote - 2.5;

                                    if (foundBots > 8) {
                                      vote = vote - 5;

                                    if (foundBots > 12) {
                                      vote = vote - 10;

                                    suggestions.push('Utopian has detected ' + foundBots + ' bot votes. I am the only bot you should love!!');

A image of the changes I made to the algorithm is added below. Link to pull request (pull request number is 25).

Also, I am not a professonal javascript coder. Admin, please review the code for errors before merging.


This proposed pull request will penalize bot users as follows:

Those who use 1-3 bots will get -2.5 voting power.

Those who use 4-7 bots will get -5 voting power.

Those who use 8-11 bots will get -10 voting power.

Those who use 12 or more bots will get -20 voting power. This would probably set the rewards to 1% vote. Please suggest changes if you found any mistake in my post.

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

This may be better. I'm no expert when it comes to code, but this could be better than some of the alternatives. I am not using bots, but I probably would. Some may feel that bots are maybe too unfair. It is kind of like rich people finding tax loop-holes and ways to evade taxes and stuff both legally and illegally. Some people do not like rich people. So, this is all about the spirit of making things fair. I would focus on making more bots that rewards better content as opposed to trying to counter unfair bots, perhaps. Good work with the code suggestions.

Thank you for the insightful comment. 0.25 SBD tip on the way.

Thank you so much for the support and this invaluable contribution. I love it.

Thanks for your contribution and support @littleboy

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