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In the main site, there is a report post button in the post dropdown menu. The button is shown below inside a red box:


This button button has the same fuctionality as that of steemit's flag button. What does it do? It records downvotes in the steem blockchain. If someone presses it, the post will get a downvote from that user.

But currently, this button has some issues with it. When someone presses it, it won't do anything and won't show any confirmation messages about the recorded vote. It also doesn't provide a voting slider to set downvote strength. If you click it, you will loss a 100% vote worth of SP. This button may also confuse some users.

Recently, a Utopian moderator downvoted my post by clicking on it. When I reached out to him, he said he didn't know it was a downvote button. He thought it would be advanced forward for review. The wording of the button is confusing. If it was worded, "downvote", it would be much easier to understand.

But I think there is no need to have this button. Cause has its own flagging system. A few days ago I suggested the feature which was adopted a day after the post. A flagged post will not appear in the Utopian feed therefore, there is no need to have the report button which is actually the downvote button.

Removing some elements from the post page will remove the button. I have added screenshots of how the site would look like without the report button below.


The following screenshot shows which element I deleted to produce the above screenshot.



I would also like to suggest that the report post button is replaced with a "download as pdf" button with the fuctinality to download the whole post as a pdf file.

Test screenshots are from this approved post.

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thanks for information. i really find this article benficle. thanks man for your work. well done.

Thank you for your unprecedented commitment to Utopian, however I cannot see how removing a feature can be considered as an idea. We cannot accept your spamming campaign in here and Discord. Last warning. [utopian-moderator]

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