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In the news feed of Busy.org's mobile version, the primary tag is shown beside the name of the poster. I have shown the tag in the following screenshot. The screenshot was taken from a destop using inspect element and the tag is highlighted in a red box.


In the above case, there is no issue. But problems arise if the primary tag is very long. For example, in the following screenshot I changed the dlive tag to "steemit-test-tag" and the tag is overlaping with the dropdown menu. The overlap is highlighted in the red box.


My suggestion is to totally remove this tag from mobile via. This tag has a bright color which is not that good on the eye. I think removing the tag altogether will make busy look better. I have added a screenshot below with the tag removed.


If removing the topic is not acceptable, then at least busy.org should hide long topic tags to ensure that the tag doesn't overlap the dropdown menu. I deleted the div element with class story__topics to make the above screenshot. Here's how I did it:


I used different responsive view for the mobile view. The screenshot without the story_topics class had 301px width and 494px height. I have added two screenshot below of iphone 6 view of with and without the tag.



You may differ from me, but I think busy with the tag is flashy on the eye and makes it hard to look at. That's one of the primary reason I am suggesting removal of it. Thanks for reading and please let me know about your thoughts on this suggestion.

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