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RE: HowTo setup a modern perl development environment

in #utopian-io5 years ago

FYI ,this contribution was essential for me to get the accepted contribution to work. So, please at least link back to here, if you won't approve this one? (I really don't know how the approval process works -- just wanted to share that if I had only had the other link, I would be stuck.)



im also not sure what to do here. I have a series of 3 tutorials and only the latest one was accepted. Its written in the rules that i cant include things in a curriculum section unless they are accepted. so i listed the links to here under the requirements section.
I dont think this post itself will be accepted since it was to simple, nevertheless its needed to set everything up and i wanted to keep the first stepps simple.

i guess the requirements link will have to do for now ;)

best regards

Yeah, it's like those StackOverflow top-rated answers which have a link to a site which is now dead. :(

At least your bread crumbs were there to help me! :)

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