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RE: Howto write a perl package to interact with steemit

in #utopian-io5 years ago

This is great! I'm working with Python and steempy but I'd much rather be working with Perl.

Is there a cpan version of this, by any chance? If not please accept my vote for one (I'd upvote this post, but it was 9 days ago). In fact I could help with it, if you're interested.



in fact i want to make it a cpan module in the future but first i want to line out the details on how it works.
i guess in about 4-5 posts from now it should become a cpan module ;)

Excellent! Looking forward to it, just followed you.

Hmm, the "use Modern::Perl '2017';" line is failing with this error:

Feature bundle "5.24" is not supported by Perl 5.22.1 at /home/steemitdev/perl5/lib/perl5/Modern/ line 38.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at bin/ line 2.

I'm using an Ubuntu 16.04.3 (LTS) VM. Just did "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt upgrade" but the newest version of Perl available is 5.22. Don't want to upgrade to a newer Ubuntu version that's not LTS (long-term support).

Aha! I see that your link to the Perlbrew tutorial should resolve my issue. Great, thanks!


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