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After a long time I am here again with the new and easy one technique to track down plagiarism post. I have shared most of the basic plagiarism hunting technique in previous four posts. If you want to take a read, I have included the link below this. The first part deals with the basic step to find translation plagiarism. The second part is about finding source of plagiarized content by looking at comment of the user. The third part deals searching for reworded plagiarised content using Yandex search engine. The last part deals with finding source using Facebook search. The series of post in order are as follows:

This post deals with finding source of plagiarized content with the help of picture used in the post. You can use this technique if any others techniques discussed in above series of post fails. And you have no source of content to evince as an evidence. I have this post as an example.

Reading at the post I had a doubt that this user had plagiarized the sport article. But I couldn't find source for it. I took few sentence and search it in google bar but no result that matched exact same. Furthermore I don't know from which language the user translate the original content. There was no comment of the user to look for his native language. There was this last chance- a picture of the post. With the help of picture only, I could find the evidence of translation plagiarism.

If you go through the post, you can find that the user had uploaded this image to his post. There is no source for image and text. Its not good for user with reputation 50 to plagiarize the article in steemit. At least giving credit and adding his/her own commentary would be acceptable. Original thought should be more than 50% of the whole post that you have copied.

First of all you have to right click on the image and click "Search Google for image". The following box will appear.


Now remember the size of the image and click that image in the blue rectangular frame. You will see following result:


Now you can see the same image with same size i.e 640*480. Both of them serves as a source for original content. You can use anyone to provide as your evidence while reporting. For now I choose the second one as source. The source is in Urdu and the article on steemit is in English. So I will translate the whole page with the help of translation icon located in the address search bar.


After translating you can see everything matches exactly same without rewording and spunning. The timestamp is different too. The user posted that article on steemit after 51 minutes the article on that site was published.


Post in Steemit


Original source

I have reported most of this user post to steemcleaner. Hope he/she will receive a sign of warn of not doing it again in future.

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